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Construction management and contracting services are provided to facility owners/developers who do not possess the staff necessary to effectively manage and control facility construction operations and costs. Project management involving the client, regulatory agencies, contractors, sub-contractors, and material vendors is undertaken to complete the project.  EnSol coordinates all contractor activities to ensure timely completion of the project within budget constraints and in accordance with design specifications and regulatory requirements.


EnSol develops conceptual and construction drawings and specifications for a variety of facility construction projects. EnSol works closely with our clients to incorporate special design or material considerations into bid specifications. Once approved, EnSol manages the time-consuming and often-cumbersome challenge of putting projects out for tender and reviews the submittals to ensure that they meet the criteria specified in the bid packages.


Qualified, experienced representatives of EnSol observe, inspect, and document construction activities ranging from soil and concrete placement to geosynthetics installation to tank construction. EnSol CQA personnel document each stage of construction which includes, at a minimum, daily inspection logs and photo diaries, site conditions, weather conditions, personnel involved, materials and equipment utilized, results of testing performed, QA/QC procedures utilized, and any necessary field modifications made.


EnSol survey capabilities include construction stakeout, machine control systems, topographic surveys and mapping, property boundary surveys, volume and quantity calculations, three-dimensional model development, site monumentation and control, and GPS Mapping. Additionally, EnSol’s staff includes certified drone operators capable of aerial data collection applicable for a variety of projects.

Available Services

Bid Design and Specifications

Contract Management

  • Bid reviews

  • Submittals

  • Budgeting

Construction Inspection (CQA)

  • Geosynthetics

  • Soil

  • Building erections

  • Concrete

  • Certification

Construction Monitoring

  • Air 

  • Stormwater

  • Vibration

  • Noise

  • Radiological


  • Mapping/boundaries

  • Field survey

  • Volumes/quantities

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