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Business & Technology Services

EnSol provides a host of business and technology services.  The business services are geared for performing financial analysis and cost control.  EnSol performs acquisition due diligence and risk assessments.   Many of EnSol’s customers are national waste management companies working across the county.  EnSol also works with small to medium sized companies, supporting growth during market share expansions.  Many of EnSol customers utilize our waste evaluation and disposal services.  EnSol will characterize waste materials and arrange for environmentally sound transportation and recycling/disposal.


EnSol also provides consulting, systems engineering, and installation services for network, PLC logic and controls, telecommunication, and office automation systems.   SIS supports computer networks, computerized office systems, and telephone systems for businesses of all sizes.  SIS brings to businesses the tools that are simple to learn and use, so they can continue being competitive in ever changing and sophisticated markets. New technologies present new challenges for management. SIS assists in the development of policies, procedures, and training programs to optimize your investment.

Available services


  • Risk Assessment

  • Acquisition Due Diligence and Financial Modeling

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Cost Modeling and Control

  • Waste Characterization and Handling



  • Computer Networks/Communications

  • PLC and Automated Controls

  • Office Automation

  • Workflow Analysis and Software Development

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